February 25, 2014 We’re excited about our next maritime art exhibit. It features the creative works and original masterpieces of Long Islander Doug Zider, and it’s called “Visions: Land & Sea.” Through Zider’s vivid imagination and extraordinary brush strokes, historic events, places, and ...

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    January 24, 2014 In honor of the Chinese New Year 2014, we’re presenting a unique exhibit called “The Tao of Charles Chu,” which features the exquisite private collection of New London artist Charles Chu, a master painter and calligrapher know for his sweeping watercolors. These never before seen ...

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    November 20, 2013 We’re unwrapping the splendor of the holiday season with a unique collection of unframed works by an eclectic group of talented local artists.  This special holiday art exhibit called “Unwrapped” features creative, one-of-a-kind treasures in a multitude of media from paintings and ...

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    Exceptional Quality Produced with Pride and Passion

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THE GALLERY AT FIREHOUSE SQUARE will connect you emotionally and physically with the coastal and inland waters, the ocean, and representational art depicting the splendor of the natural world. As New London's only gallery specializing in maritime antiquities and art from the 19th century through today, THE GALLERY AT FIREHOUSE SQUARE is a treasure trove of maritime history, as well as an artistic collective where emerging artists and art students find the kind of support necessary to showcase their vivid new talents. There is so much to see and experience at THE GALLERY AT FIREHOUSE SQUARE, we invite you to explore this website to find out about upcoming exhibits and events, and enjoy a sample of the amazing works of art, maritime artifacts and antiquities, three-dimensional artworks, lithographs, original historic sketches, acrylics, multi-media works, oils on canvas and board, limited-edition and one-of-a-kind signed prints, sculptures, scrimshaw, jewelry, photographs, hand-carved waterfowl, wood-carved decoys, antique nautical maps – and so much more, available to become a part of your personal history.

Welcome! John S. Johnson, Proprietor | Robin Goldschlager, Operations Manager | Emily Ross, Gallery Manager | Sadie Goldschlager, Security